Dr. Joe Martin: "The Educator Motivator"


Dr. Martin knows first hand that the calling to be a educator carries with it the responsibility to help students learn, lead, and achieve.

Dr. Joe's message is always powerful, provocative, and practical. His unique insight into what makes great teachers & students inspires his audiences to become just that.

Dr. Joe has spoken for more than 600 organizations, colleges & universities, and
K-12 school districts. Some of his clients include NASSP, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the United States Navy, and the National Education Association (NEA). He also serves as a guest columnist for three national magazine publications.

“Dr. Joe Martin’s message challenged me to check my internal motives and my external teaching techniques, which helped me go to the next level of effectiveness in the classroom.” -Teacher, Denver, Colorado

He is consistently the highest rated keynote speaker for educator conferences and in-service trainings. Audiences love him because his content is indisputably wise and his style of speaking is in your face, but on your side.

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