Professional Development

Why settle for the same old boring meetings with the same old boring message when you can invite "America's #1 Educator Motivator," Dr. Joe Martin, to make your next induction program, in-service day, or staff meeting a day your teachers will never forget.

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Dr. Joe's Award-Winning Program:
The Five Phases of Teacher Retention

Phase 1 : Teacher Preparation

Teach and Grow Rich

Problem: Teachers are tempted to focus so much on the politics of teaching, they forget the purpose of teaching.

Objective: To give educators a real and renewed sense of purpose of why we do what we do, who we do it for, and proven strategies on how to do it better

Format: Keynote or Workshop

Duration: 30 minutes to 2 hours

"ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! Was the overwhelming response to Dr. Joe Martin's 'Teach & Grow Rich' presentation. I am certain we will have requests for Joe's services from other associations and school districts. We have already referred him to other school districts."
Nancy Pereira, Utah Education Association

Wouldn't it be nice if YOU could:

  • …make every Monday feel like a Friday?
  • …give yourself praise anytime you wanted one?
  • …re-discover the passion and purpose in your position?
  • …ignore other people's negative attitudes, opinions, and criticisms?

Well the truth of the matter is…YOU CAN, and Teach & Grow Rich is your first step.

The secret to success does have a formula: the more you give, the more you get.

Even in today's fast-paced world, it's a fact that if you help enough people (students and colleagues) get what they want, you'll have a better chance of getting what you want. But how do you do it? Dr. Joe shows you three, proven service strategies to help you become your own miracle worker (regardless of your school or your district).

In this program, Dr. Joe will train you how to:

  •     Challenge yourself to serve your students better
  •     Unlock the secret of staying self-motivated even during the rough times
  •     Lead others by example, instead of excuses
  •     Accept responsibility for your own personal and professional growth
  •     Overcome obstacles by identifying your professional "blind spots."

This is more than just an inspiring program, Teach & Grow Rich is a proven, research based plan for success.

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Phase 2 : Student Connection

Motivate to Educate

Problem: A teacher’s toughest challenge is learning how to motivate students who don’t seem interested in learning.

Objective: To prepare teachers for success on the “first day of class” by showing them how to connect, motivate, and educate ALL of their students

Format: Workshop Only

Duration: 1 to 2 hrs.

"Dr. Martin was overwhelmingly the highlight at our national conference entitled 'Challenge for Change.' His dynamic message and heart-wrenching stories on motivating students is one that everyone in education, regardless of their position, SHOULD hear. I highly recommend that school districts take advantage of his talents as a speaker and trainer."
Katrina Thirbenny, National Education Association

How many times have you heard the phrase, "I give up, Johnny just won't learn!"

So, what came first, education or motivation? Studies show that you can't teach a child anything unless you can first get the child to listen.
That's where motivation comes into play.

The #1 question on most teachers' mind is, "How do I motivate my students?" The answer is NOT as difficult as you may think.

There's only one type of motivation, and that's "self motivation." You've probably heard the saying, "You can lead a horse to water…" Yes, and the same holds true for students; "You can lead a student to school, but you can't make him think."

The key to motivating your students is to first find out what motivates them, and then use that against them (in a positive way).

In his trademark style Dr. Joe, will show you groundbreaking strategies on how to:

  •     Get students excited about learning and coming to class.
  •     Unlock the #1 key to motivating any student, regardless of his or her aptitude.
  •     Get students to accept responsibility for their own success.
  •     Get students to take action without "lecturing" them.
  •     And much more!

If you think you've tried everything…think again. There's still hope to "motivate to educate."

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Phase 3 : Self-Management

Stress-Free Teaching

Problem: Teachers are burning out quicker because they’re overwhelmed by the requirements and expectations to effectively do their jobs.

Objective: To teach teachers how to gain control of their classroom and their life while reducing personal stress due to the demands of teaching.

Format: Keynote or Workshop

Duration: 30 mins. to 2 hrs.

"Dr. Joe is truly dynamic. He not only holds his audience's attention through his showmanship, humor, and heart touching stories, he has a story to tell. I would recommend Dr. Joe to anyone who has a staff who needs to hear it like it is and how it can and should be. He can light a fire under anyone."
Dr. Thomas Rezek, School District of Escambia County

Are you tired...
… tired of feeling frustrated?
… tired of your certain people pushing your buttons?
… tired of politics and parents' unrealistic expectations?
… tired of being micro-managed?
… tired of people getting on your nerves?

Well, you need to GET A GRIP!

This powerful program will help you re-gain your sanity when you feel like going "postal."

Let's face it, teaching's tough, but YOU CAN be tougher.

Let Dr. Joe, show you in this hilarious, but very effective, presentation how to:

  •     Take control of your mental and emotional attitude
  •     Control the two greatest motivating forces in your life
  •     Not let other people (even parents) get the best of you
  •     Accept responsibility for your own actions and attitude
  •     Get off the emotional roller coaster of anger, hopelessness, and frustration

So don't get mad, don't get even…Get a Grip! Because it's better to get better than to get bitter!

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Phase 4 : Team Management

Can’t We Just All Get Along?

Problem: Teachers are struggling to flourish in a negative, and sometimes hostile, work environment "certain people" with BAD attitudes.

Objective: To get educators to collaborate and cooperate with each other by developing trust, teamwork, and compassion for one another as they do their jobs

Format: Workshop Only

Duration: 90 mins. to 2 hrs.

"Dr. Martin's words were exactly what I needed to hear during this time in my life. I have started looking at my position and life in a different way since his presentation. It's not all words either…I have set up a plan for my staff and my student workers in my department."
Glenna Bower, University of Southern Indiana

Are some of your team member's egos the size of Mount Rushmore?

  •     Are on-the-job personality conflicts starting to bring back childhood memories?
  •     Are some people spreading gossip like their getting paid for it?
  •     Are past pains and problems keeping your school from focusing on the future?
  •     Is apathy spreading like contagious disease?

Well, even if you think it's all of the above, the good news is that there is still hope.

"Can't We Just All Get Along?" will help your school erase these excuses from its daily vocabulary.

Dr. Martinwill help to heal some of the past hurts of your school's team and its members. Through strategically designed, interactive exercises, "Can't We Just All Get Along" will help your staff to "understand each other" better and focus on the big picture and purpose of their jobs.

These powerful exercises (from the simple to the more complex) will help your team achieve the following:

  •     become more empathetic to the needs of others
  •     step out of their individual comfort zones and become active participants
  •     become more united and committed to each other and the school's goals
  •     focus on responsibility and accountability to each other
  •     learn proven methods you can put into practice immediately

So don't take a chance by only hoping your school's staff will "just learn to get along."

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Phase 5 : Teacher Maintenance

It’s Good to be U.G.L.Y.


Problem: Teachers sometimes become complacent after the first few years of teaching and are at risk of getting into a “comfortable” teaching rut that stunts their professional growth.

Objective: To help teachers re-evaluate their personal commitment to teaching by observing the habits of “highly ineffective” teachers

Format: Keynote or Workshop

Duration: 30 mins. to 2 hrs.

"Dr. Joe's program was the most popular and most talked about program at our annual state conference. They say that staff and administrators can be one of the toughest audiences to connect with; but his energy, humor, personal stories, and metaphors, not only got everyone to pay attention, but more importantly, he got them to apply the message."
H.A. Scott, Florida Association of Community Colleges

• Are you constantly falling short of your professional potential?
• Are you doing just enough to get by?
• Has “good” become “good enough”?
• Are you a habitual “people pleaser”?
• Do you often feel “out of it” and lethargic on the job?

Dr. Joe Martin has discovered what he calls “the greatest secret” of the motivationally supercharged…they’re U.G.L.Y.

In his passionate and hilarious style, Dr. Martin discusses the five ways the motivationally supercharged are different from the motivationally challenged.

• Deal effectively with rejection and disappointment
• Become more persistent in the face of adversity
• Deeper your level of commitment to your professional goals and objectives
• Become more productive by tapping into more of your “hidden” potential
• Live with more courage and boldness

You can choose to be committed to taking your success to the next level!

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