Success Stories

Dr. Joe Martin has personally trained more than two million educators and students.

Dr. Ric Dressen, Superintendent - Alexandria, Minnesota
"Dr. Joe is truly a teacher's teacher. He not only inspired me and equipped me to stay the course in making a difference in the lives of our students, he's shown me how and why I should be reaching out to support, train, and mentor other teachers who may have lost their way in this wonderful profession."
Derrick Farmer, Two-time Teacher of the Year, Leon & Jefferson County
"Wow! is all I can say. I heard so much about Dr. Martin prior to attending one of his programs, and I can't begin to describe the powerful impact he made on our students, teachers, and administrators. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself. Not only did he live up to the expectations that preceded him, he surpassed them. What a wonderful, living role model he is, not only for our teachers, but particularly for our students."
Essie Pace, Assistant Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
"I can't thank you enough for speaking at the National Education Association "Challenge for Change" National Conference in Colorado Springs. According to the feedback and evaluations we received from the attendees, you were easily the highlight of the entire event. Your message on servant leadership was exactly what we needed to recharge their batteries. Literally dozens of school district representatives have asked me how they could get you to come to their school district to address their staff. Thanks again for making me look so smart for bringing you in to speak."
Claudia Edwards, National Education Association - Washington, D.C.
"Dr. Joe Martin was the highlight of our district-wide annual awards celebration ceremony. Even months after the event, our district is still talking about the power of his unique message - from the principals to the custodial workers. We've never invited a speaker to address such a large group before. And now they've already asked me about having Dr. Martin to come back again next year."
Bill Montford, School Superintendent, Leon County
"Dr. Joe Martin ignites the audience with his passion for the profession of teaching. He shares from personal experience how teachers can change the lives of their students. Joe believes teachers should not let money or other outside influences stop them from following their calling, so he shares his innovative ideas on how teachers can supplement their incomes. Joe helped me look inside myself and to remember why I am in this profession - to serve students! He also reminded me that I can succeed financially, as well as professionally, when I put my heart and head together."
Beth Hammock, Independence School District - Independence, MO
"Dr. Joe Martin was overwhelmingly the highlight (and talk) at our national conference entitled 'Challenge for Change.' His dynamic message and heart-wrenching stories on serving students is one that everyone in education, regardless of their position, SHOULD hear. Not only will his message touch your heart, it will inspire you to take action. I would highly recommend that school districts take advantage of his talents as a speaker and trainer. Not only is he a passionate speaker, he can relate to teachers on an emotional and personal level that comes from being a committed teacher himself."
Katrina Thirbenny, National Education Association - Washington, D.C.